bad file Keith Lye Garage - Servicing and Repairs Melksham/Chippenham/Trowbridge/Devizes Wiltshire
Servicing and Repairs

We carry out servicing and repairs to a wide range of vehicles including light commercial vehicles and motor homes.

Is your car still within its manufacturers warranty?

Because of an EU law called Block Exemption, vehicle manufactures can't stop you from taking your car to non-dealer garage, so bringing your car too us will not affect your warranty. Find out more here.

Lease car drivers and managers

We are 1 Link and Autosafe enabled, allowing you to bring your lease vehicle to us for servicing and maintenance.

Do you have an RAC Warranty?

We are able to perform warranty work on your vehicle.

Class IV and Class VII Tests

We have many MOT certified technicians, who are able to test both Class IV and Class VII vehicles, these include motor homes and light commercial vehicles. We can also perform tests on Tricycles.

We also provide a free MOT reminder service, never forget again.

Is your cars air conditioning working efficiently?

We can check and top up your vehicles air-con ensuring that the system is working at it optimum level.

Our technicians at the garage are qualified to perform work to your vehicles air conditioning system, this can either be repairs or servicing. Did you know it is illegal for a non-qualified mechanic to work on air conditioning systems.

We are an official Proton Repair Centre

Spares and repairs to all Proton vehicles.

vehicle-diagnostics Vehicle Diagnostics

We are equipped with the latest electronic diagnostic equipment, saving us time and you money.

ASNU_injection_cleaning_wiltshire ASNU Injection Cleaning Specialist

We are an ASNU Injection diagnostic, testing, cleaning and service centre.